5. High Street Bank

Internal communication and leadership development
A well-known consultancy had been contracted to design a new leadership programme for the bank. Their current programme had a very high failure rate. The ability to recognise and tell a compelling story to motivate employees and communicate the bank’s goals was identified as a key part of the new programme.

We were asked to work with the consultancy to design the storytelling element of the programme. Working with a mixed group of bank and consultancy employees, we developed a process whereby potential leaders could access stories from their childhood of their earliest memories of what leadership meant to them. Working with these stories, we were able to help them identify their own different types of leadership style, learn from others in the group and gain a better understanding of what was expected from a leader.

Once this part of the process was completed, the potential leaders received intensive coaching in order to tell their personal stories in a compelling and charismatic way. The process of being coached in front of their peers was a key element of the programme. Finally, the new leaders told their stories to their new staff at a variety of gatherings. They turned out to be excellent storytellers!