8. Global Insurance

Personal impact and inspiration
One of our consultants co-delivered a training course for 60 international delegates from a global insurance company at INSEAD business school, France.  The course was focused around building inspiring and compelling speeches.  During this one day course the skills of building powerful and inspiring language were identified by listening to the speeches of politicians and business people such as Winston Churchill, Barack Obama, Martin Luther King and Steve Jobs.

All great speakers use easily practised applied techniques that date back to the days of Aristotle, including the Power of Three, Contrast and Balance and the use of Metaphor and Story in speechmaking.  Delegates were asked to practise using these rhetorical devices in their own business speeches and contrast these with their speeches before and after, and the subsequent impact on their listener.

The afternoon included a group voice and breathing session to introduce the skills of powerful speaking, and then personal coaching with each delegate to give them a bespoke exercise to improve their delivery skills. This coaching session was caught on DVD so they could see the improvements in both their content and the style of their delivery of their speech. The results were impressive and feedback from company about the effects of the programme was excellent.