Dr Geoff Mead is an organisational consultant, leadership developer and executive coach specializing in the use of story and narrative techniques. He combines a passion for getting things done with a fascination for understanding human behaviour. He is also an educator, keynote speaker, performing storyteller, and author of the best-selling book: Telling the Story: The Heart and Soul of Successful Leadership (Jossey Bass, 2014)



sue-hollingsworthSue Hollingsworth has been working in the field of organisational storytelling since 1996 when she co-founded the first UK consultancy in this area. She is Director of the Centre for Biographical Storytelling, a founder of the International School of Storytelling, and co-author of the best-selling book The Storyteller’s Way: A Sourcebook for Inspired Storytelling. Sue teaches and consults internationally with a wide variety of clients, from FTSE 100 companies to community-based organisations.



William Ayot’s abiding passion is for the spoken word. He is a poet, playwright, keynote speaker and impact coach. His professional commitment to story began as a playwright in the 1980s. He has since worked with mythologies, stories and poetry in a broad spectrum of developmental and organisational settings.




Kate4Kate Firth has a background in voice studies, theatre, psychology and applied linguistics. She works in corporate and government organisations as well as with performers in the theatre and TV industry, coaching them in the practical vocal and physical skills to make their message authentic, credible and influential.




Peter Neall is an enthusiastic, spontaneous and natural educator with a wide range of experience in the public and private sectors across Europe. He specialises in principle-based leadership skills and uses storytelling to convey his ideas and has been running courses in communication in all its forms for over 25 years.




David Tinker: After a career in the army flying helicopters and managing a leadership training unit, David became a socio-dramatist, executive coach and OD consultant, working with multi-nationals across the globe. He trained in story telling at Emerson College and has used story alongside socio-drama in much of his work.




MH resizeMichael Harvey is a multi-award winning international storyteller telling traditional stories from many traditions. He also works with groups of all ages and backgrounds to create, tell and produce their own stories using a variety of creative techniques. He has worked at Universities in the UK and South America as well as events all over the world



margaret-gearty-e1393963189855Dr Margaret Gearty  is an experienced action researcher and consultant who supports organisations, individuals and communities to put storytelling at the heart of their learning and change processes. She has researched and worked alongside a range of public and third- sector organisations to chart their many perspectives and stories in a way that leads to action, learning and new histories.



Nick Owen has been supporting people and organisations to envisage and create their ‘stories’ for over 30 years. He has worked with senior executives and managers in some of the world’s largest and most successful companies, and with disadvantaged communities as far apart as Africa, South America, and SE Asia




Peter Thompson is a story teller through film.  He is the founder of Shedlight Productions, a not-for-profit business that makes films that lead to social change. He has worked in social care – predominantly with people who have learning disabilities  – and also spent several years as a journalist working for regional BBC.




Charlene Collison is an experienced consultant, facilitator and coach in visioning and future focused thinking, Charlene helps organisations develop visions and scenarios for a sustainable future. She has worked with international corporations, government departments, and NGOs including Forum for the Future, where she has led in the development of the Forum Systems Innovation Lab.



Giles Abbott smallerGiles Abbott is an award-winning professional storyteller, voice teacher and writer. An Oxford literature graduate, Giles reinvented himself after sudden and serious sight loss in 1998, shifting his focus from written to spoken word. Passionate about the expressive power of language, Giles trains business & professional clients in story structure, voice development and storytelling techniques to free their most powerfully expressive selves.



right robert Robert Holtom is an award-winning short story writer and dramatist who is developing his storytelling skills with the purpose of helping organisations hone their narratives for greater impact. Previously he was Campaigns Director for the Eradicating Ecocide Global Initiative and has an MSc in Environmental Policy from the University of Oxford.





sallyfinals7of10-version-2Dr Sally Fox is a US based leadership consultant, program designer, and coach who specializes in helping leaders and teams find the compelling stories that can illustrate and guide their work. Skilled in group process, she brings story-skills into work with teams and board development. A performer herself, she integrates exercises and ideas from improvisational theatre into work with strategic, systems thinking. She has worked with NGO’s and corporations on five continents.




David GreenDavid Green is an Australian organisational development consultant based in Melbourne. His practice is focused on leadership, relationships, culture, change and learning. He works within a human systems framework, combining intensive workshops, groupwork and coaching. Story approaches have been integral to his work for 25 years.



Dr Cathryn Lloyd is based in Australia and  draws on a wide range of creative learning methodologies and processes including stories and narrative to design, powerful and flexible learning experiences for a range of people and purposes. She is an experienced and versatile facilitator and creative development coach and holds a research doctorate in Creative Industries