The following publications are by members of Narrative Leadership Associates

* William Ayot (2003) Small Things That Matter, London, Mythodrama Publishing

* William Ayot (2011) The Inheritance, London, PS Avalon

* Geoff Mead (2011) Coming Home to Story: Storytelling Beyond Happily Ever After. Bristol and London, Vala Publishing

* Geoff Mead (2014) Telling the Story: The Heart and Soul of Successful Leadership. Jossey-Bass, San Francisco

* Nick Owen (2001) The Magic of Metaphor: 77 Stories for Teachers, Trainers and Thinkers, London, Crownhouse

* Nick Owen (2004) More Magic of metaphor: Stories for Leaders, Influencers and Motivators, London, Crownhouse

* Nick Owen (2009) The Salmon of Knowledge: Stories for Work, Life, the Dark Shadow and Oneself, London, Crownhouse